Applying to the B2B sector what has already been achieved in the inter-bank system

Nowadays, clients from different banks can transfer money without changing their credit institute, thanks to the inter-bank system. Similarly, organizations that use different accounting/ERP systems will be able to transfer administrative documents without changing system, thanks to an innovative and un-intrusive service of inter-business connection.

The Project Mercury has the mission of transforming the system of exchanging documents between companies:

  • from a procedure that, currently, is, most of the time, based either on paper interface or, in any case, is unstructured and peer-to-peer (practically without any standards for the inter-operability)
  • to a procedure that is completely digital and structured through a centralized inter-business system. The system based on web communication (B2B Web Based Service Hub) is secure and reliable with consolidated technological-application standards: the Mercury Service.

The Mercury Consortium: the current technology is ready to provide a service such as the Mercury Service. When the ICT operators (software houses, system and application integrators, services and consultancy companies) federate in order to define the architecture, the processes to be automated, the format and the protocols, the service may successfully work for the complex and fragmented environment made of small and medium sized companies.
The pre-competitive federation has been formed within the Mercury Consortium, which is a non profit making organization that aims at laying the foundations in order to bring the Mercury Service to the market.

The Mercury Service will allow the subscriber companies to drastically reduce the direct and indirect costs related to the management of administrative documents in the daily B2B relations. The organizations may operate not only in the same system, such as a supply chain, a productive district, a franchising system, but also in various systems (in this latter situation other particular advantages are also available).